Become the Most Efficient Digital Nomad with these Items

Check out the image above -- within this image is everything that i own.

In the past year, I've traveled to 31 cities and 3 new countries, all while working from my laptop.

I've also cut down my items to fit within two bags. I've learned what works for me, what doesn't. What IS necessary, what ISN'T. And through this list I hope you will find items that can possibly work for you as well.

The items I still carry with me share these characteristics:

• They have a distinct purpose.

• They take up a small amount of space.

Of course every items doesn't have to be completely practical, but MOST of them do in order for maximum efficiency and mobility.

I've selected several items that I own that make a large impact on my digital nomad lifestyle. Here they are:



I generally carry two bags - a small laptop bag, and a larger secondary duffel bag. This is the small laptop bag.

This is quite possibly the tiniest, most minimal laptop backpack I have found on the market. It's basically a laptop sleeve with a zip pouch and backpack straps. To me, there is no sense in putting my laptop in a carrying case if it's in this bag. 

I recommend using it to house your laptop/mouse/charging chord and have everything else in your larger secondary bag. 



Patagonia makes great products and this is a great secondary bag for the rest of your items. It has a duffel bag handle AND backpack shoulder straps for when you'd rather carry it on your back. 

The material is water-resistant and there is a large zip pocket that is very convenient.

 At 60L it can sometimes pass as a carry on, it really depends on how the flight attendant is feeling that day or how well you are able to just pass it off as small. 

Featherlight Packing Cube

This packing cube is great for organizing clothes, just fold/roll them up and pop them in this cube. It keeps your clothes from jumbling all around in your bag. Plus it doubles as a laundry bag.

Therm-a-Rest SLEEP PAD

If you glance back at the image above, you will see that I am laying on this pad. It seriously makes any surface sleepable and is not only great for long layovers in airports, but for camping as well.


I house my hard drives, memory cards, and charging cords in here. It's great to have a pouch where they are all in one place.