The Gear I Use

You may be a bit surprised to see how minimal the gear I use to film is. Currently I use no expensive mics or bulky cameras. 

But that's why I am including this list on my website, because this gear is so accessible.

Anyone can shoot good quality video with these items at any capacity. 


NIKON 1 J5 Mirrorless Camera

For high quality shots that are more calculated, I use this camera. This is also a good camera for spontaneous filming as well. I filmed this vlog in Vietnam with it.


This is the camera I used to film the majority of my Hitchhiking Across the USA series. 

What is so great about this camera is that you can film a spontaneous journey and not feel like you are experiencing it from behind a lens. 


I recently purchased this and boy does it pack a punch. Great quality, small size, and no need for a protective cover. This baby is completely waterproof. LOW price point as well. PLUS this is one of the best cameras to film people, as it doesn't put the pressure on your subject that a large professional looking camera would. 


I value simple and inexpensive for my tripod. I like to be able to toss these things around.


Zoom H4n Handy Audio Recorder

The secret to seemingly high-quality video is high-quality audio. When I'm traveling I can't afford to have bulky gear to carry around. This audio recorder is AMAZING for recording your voice while filming. PLUS it fits in my hand and spares me room in my travel bag.

Polsen Omnidirectional Lav Microphone

You ever notice the little clip on the collar of someone who is speaking to a camera? Well that's called a Lav mic.

This mic is great for capturing your voice when you are far away from the camera or just need recording closer to your mouth. It pairs with the Zoom audio recorder above as well.


Electronic Accessories Travel Case

I keep my two hard drives, battery chargers, and electronic chords in this case. It's a smaller-sized, durable case that is perfect for keeping all your items organized in one spot.