Frustrated in Hawaii

The mountain overlooking our farm here in Oahu

Frustrated? Hawaii? Huh? 

These two words should not go together right? Well its really just a minor frustration, don't blame Hawaii. I am continuing to edit video of each day I hitchhiked across the United States but have reached a wall. I was in Colorado, hitchhiking out of a small mountain town called Ouray when I was picked up in a blue VW bus.

The driver: Bubba. Owner of a snowboard shop and restorer of many a broken down or abandoned Volkswagen van. He was headed toward Durango, the town I was aiming for. We connected instantly and after an hour driving followed by lunch at a Silverton bar, he invited me to be his passenger to join a caravan of 12 other VW buses through the Southern Colorado mountains. I had about 30 minutes to decide if I wanted to go or not. This is what its all about. These quick decisions that change the path of your journey, your life, for a small amount of time. These ultimatums are my fuel. Challenging, testing, yes, but ultimately the force that drives me. 

Now back to the frustration: during all of this I was indeed filming. But it was on a Go Pro that had low battery, apparently a perfect equation to result in corrupted video files (In my case, files that contain recorded video but just won't play back on the computer for reasons unbeknownst to me). After days of trying to fix these files, it seems like they will be headed for the digital trashbin, as I haven't been able to find a solution or someone who knows what said solution may be. Luckily, I do have video of the next day after meeting Bubba, and that definitely won't dissapoint. I figured I would share this as I haven't been able to really post much lately.

I have been in Hawaii for two weeks now, living and working most days on a farm located in the countryside of south-eastern Oahu. The slower pace of life here is charming although I do find myself sneaking off to Honolulu to get my city fix quite often. 

Excited for what's to come and where I will be next,

Okole Maluna from Oahu, Hawaii! (Meaning "bottles-up" in Hawaiian as I have just learned)