"Dude, I have an epic life."

Bubba picked me up just outside a small mountain town in southern Colorado. I was walking, not with my thumb out hitchhiking but with a small sign on the back of my pack that read "SOUTH." Bubba restores and sells Volkswagens in his off time when he is not running his snowboard shop in the winter. We got along right away and within an hour of riding in his VW bus, he invited me to join him on a caravan cruise through the mountains with 12 other buses. I had an hour to decide if I wanted to do this or not, naturally I agreed to go. The next several days included skateboarding mini ramps, picking edible mushrooms (not psychedelic), and having to jerry rig the engine on his bus so it wouldn't fall off after embarking on a spontaneous quest to visit the mountain peak on my tattoo. Bubba indeed does have an epic life. Cheers to that.


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