Breathe In Hawaii

Thinking about hitchhiking...

Thinking about hitchhiking...

I've been living in Hawaii for a little over 3 weeks now. I am out here working part-time at a farm in a small country town called Waimanalo on the island of Oahu. I work 25 hours a week on the farm doing things such as planting seeds, landscaping, harvesting, and selling our goods on market days. My off time has been dedicated to taking on various graphic design jobs, editing videos, and exploring the island. I have also been dedicating small amounts of time to writing. 

I am gradually getting used to farm life out here in Hawaii. Being able to roam freely around the island has really nurtured an appreciation within me for the culture and people out here. Stay tuned for more hitchhiking across the USA videos and some interesting content from Hawaii. Okole Maluna! (The Hawaiian form of "Cheers." This actually translates to "bottles up" in Hawaiian.)

Have you ever visited Hawaii? If so, did you do any cool things here or have any recommendations for me?

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